To Succeed is to Fail and to Fail is to Succeed.

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle” Albert Camus

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The link between Movement and Cognitive Thinking

We live in an age now where we have so many technological advancements that it is difficult to know what gadgets to buy to help our children grow and develop. As parents we want to do the best for our children but for many we are unsure what that is; so we are encouraged by companies to buy the latest gadgets in the hope that it will develop our children at a faster rate. Parents will comment that their child was sitting up, crawling and walking faster than developmental milestones suggest, not really understanding the impact this can have on their long term development.

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EYFS – Communication & Language

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The third of our blogs will concentrate on Communication and Language and we will discuss why we feel the outdoors can help to support children in this area.

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EYFS – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This is the 2nd blog in a series of seven that will look at how we support children’s Personal, Social and Emotional development.
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EYFS – Physical development


We get asked many times how we cover the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) when we are outdoors without a classroom.  This will be the first blog about how we cover the seven areas of learning. This blog will cover Physical development.


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My Home-schooling Journey

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The decision to take my daughter out of school was probably one of the hardest decisions I ever made, one that I spent over a year researching to help underpin my understanding and ensure it was the right thing to do.

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Resisting Interference

When we work with children, our intrinsic instinct is to guide them; to hold their hand every step of the way, to ‘push them in the right direction’. I want us to start questioning whether we’re doing the right thing.

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Parents views of our Nature Nursery



This month’s blog will focus on the views of the parents. We know how amazing Forest School is but we thought we’d have a few of our parents comment about how their children have progressed and how they know their children enjoy coming.

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Embracing a Minimalistic Approach

I’ve got a confession to make: in my 10 years of working with children, I’ve often felt overwhelmed. Not by the children – not at all by them – but by the copious amounts of paperwork and planning that comes with the territory of this profession.

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December & January at Nature to Nurture

As the months go by, our nursery goes from strength to strength, as does our ability as practitioners at Nature to Nurture.

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