Resisting Interference

When we work with children, our intrinsic instinct is to guide them; to hold their hand¬†every step of the way, to ‘push them in the right direction’. I want us to start questioning whether we’re doing the right thing.

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Embracing a Minimalistic Approach

I’ve got a confession to make: in my 10 years of working with children, I’ve often felt overwhelmed. Not by the children – not at all by them – but by the copious amounts of paperwork and planning that comes with the territory of this profession.

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Overcoming Objections to Outdoor Education

At Nature to Nurture, we’re used to being greeted with varying degree’s of skepticism on our philosophy. As a matter of fact, we’ve no choice but to accept it as the very social fabric of our society that so vehemently questions why we do what we do, and how we do it.

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The play deficit – Peter Gray

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