“Children develop into resilient, confident and empathetic individuals. They show care and concern for those around them and the environment… Children regulate their feelings and emotions very well.” Ofsted

An amazing report for an amazing early years provision! So proud of the work Julie does for early years. Outstanding in all areas and not a reading log, literacy book, structured money making phonics programme in sight….just fully child led, in the moment natural play based learning…exactly how early years should be! Well done Julie and all the team at nature to nurture….a true inspirational team!

There was never any doubt in my mind that Julie White would get ‘Outstanding’. I wouldn’t put my child anywhere else, it’s the best provision that I have ever come across in my professional life. So grateful to have been able send him to this groundbreaking setting and truly talented staff.

If anyone at all is looking for a nursery place then this is one amazing opportunity. These guys are truly amazing, not only do they give me 100% confidence in the way they have welcomed Lucy and made her feel part of the family but Ofsted also recognise how amazing they are.

Sam’s Forest School just got Outstanding in their Ofsted inspection! So happy for them! Its such a fantastic nursery and am so pleased I decided to put Sam there! A year of spending all day outside amongst nature is something that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

Feeling so happy that we made the bonkers decision to send our gorgeous boy here. It really is outstanding!

Finny’s forest school has been awarded Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted! They deserve it, it is outstanding!

Congratulations julie & co! OFSTED have just confirmed what everyone else knows! Well done to you! Great to see OFSTED acknowledging and applauding alternative education!

Didn’t need an ofsted report to know this but now it’s official. Had every faith in your dream Julie and have loved being a part of this little family (cause that’s what it feels like) since near the beginning, which is why it is the only place we would only send Finlay and hoping you keep expanding the vision so he can never leave

Just wanted to say thank you… Freya and I had a fabulous time… I laughed so much during the first game and my Toots shed her shyness, made friends and felt pride in lighting up several tiny bits of cotton wool… who would have known!! We made together and the calm of the woods and the humourous vibe brought us closer… i’ve been spending this summer slowly growing our connection as she is off too year three at school and time seems to be flying away.. i wonder how much longer my little girl will be just that… I carnt imagine eclipsing this lovely experience we had, with you all, today…  (Family session)

Dear Julie, Thank you for making my 6th birthday so very speshal. All my frends had a brilleeant, exsellent, fantastic, amazing, orsum time. I reely loved the den bilding, making juleree and bows and arows, and playing games. Every one said it was the best party EVER.

Lots of love from Ashton ( … and Lexi )

I have three boys aged 7 , 4 and three and they have all attended julies sessions and are always asking 2 when is the next forest school mummy ” My two younger ones have attended many of her toddler sessions and they gain so much from them. They enjoy being in the forest environment and looking at the nature in the woods and all around them. It has brought on lots of imaginative play as it has encouraged them to make things out of natural materials such as mud , leafs etc. I know they have taken lots of information in from the sessions as the nursery they attend has told me that they are always telling them about their fun times at forest school. My 4 year old even encouraged all his nursery class to join in on some water play. With old pipes , mud and feathers. The nursery staff told me how he led the whole group in setting the pipes up then , showed them how to use the pipes to divert the water and use the feather to show the flow of the water. He is a quite a shy child and does not put himself forward in a group situation really. So nursery and myself were very proud of him for doing this , so forest school has made him more confident and sociable with other children. My youngest has been telling everyone in his nursery this week about a Gruffalo session we attended several weeks ago. He is only 3 and the staff said the talked about the event in such detail and made it sound so good they want me to email them some pictures so they can talk about it to the whole class. Julie has made my children appreciate the outdoors so much more than they did before and she has made it fun and exciting and something they want to be part of . Its so magical and lovely to watch my children and all the other children playing so freely . Its rare that children get times like this these days in the modern society we live in with TV’s , computers , etc so it must be cherished. Julie what your doing is fantastic – keep it up xxx (Toddler Session)

Hi – I have just found you and LOVE your site and your passion! As a play therapist I get it! And I definitely feel this is the way forward – back to basics and allowing children to be children and reconnect with nature – just WOW! And thank you

One of the best things to happen to my son,great adventures, learning and totally tires him out. He was born for the outdoors, this is the best course around. Thank you Julie   (Toddler Session)

James really enjoyed the sessions. I think being in the woods and playing is great, his confidence and interaction has improved so much each week. My daughter also enjoys the sessions and they have a really calming effect on her ADHD.  (Toddler Session)

Amazing fun! Oliver has completely come out of his shell and is a happy and confident toddler. He has tried new things that i would never have thought of doing with him and left him with great toddler memories of adventures in the woods. Thank you  (Toddler Session)

What a wonderful idea for a birthday party, lovely setting, great weather too. The girls have all had a lovely time and really enjoyed all the activities, we will definitely return to future sessions and will recommend others too. Julie and staff great with the girls, thank you both so much.

Sian has had an amazing time over the past few weeks exploring and playing in the outdoors. She loves being outside whatever the weather and has had the added bonus of interacting with new friends her own age. We look forward to attending a family weekend session and i will bring my son next year. Thanks for a wonderful experience.  (Toddler Session)

This forest school is brilliant. My two year old loved it and had so much fun. Before she didn’t like getting muddy but today (week 5) she was happy being covered in mud. Best thing ever.  (Toddler Session)

My children have absolutely loved coming to Forest School, as have I. I’ve watched them both grow in confidence as they have explored the woods and tried new activities. Despite their age difference they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and found things that have challenged and stretched them. Lovely simple activities. These sessions have felt relaxing and energised for me for the rest of the day too 🙂 Thanks Julie  (Toddler Session)

My son often asks when are we going to the woods, he has really enjoyed the sessions. It was a great opportunity to enjoy some time in the great outdoors, will look out for more sessions. (Toddler Session)

Thank you Julie for a great den building party for Beatrice’s 8th birthday – all the children hada wonderful time and said it was the best party they had ever been too. The water bombs and the s’mores went down a treat.

Ashton had a great time and will definitely be coming back as will his little sister. (Family Session)

Cara and I have had a fantastic time. It was lovely spending time together outdoors. Activities were excellent, we enjoyed every minute.  (Family Session)

What an amazing time Isabella and I have had at Forest School. We’ve had so much fun and the activities were fab. Thank you so much. (Family Session)

Had a fab time never enjoyed getting up early on a Saturday morning so much, very inspiring. Love it.(Staff Training)

Had a great time, thank you so much, I’ll come back soon. (Staff Training)


My daughter and I have been attending toddler forest school and family sessions for over a year now. We first started when Emma was just two. The experience has been fantastic, Emma loves being out in the woods, I have loved seeing her confidence grow and I am often amazed by her ability to master the uneven terrain. Most weeks she has a little tumble on a tree root or leaf-hidden hole, but she is un phased, she just gets up and carries on saying, ‘I stumble tripped again, mummy!’. One of Emma’s favorite activities in the woods is making cakes, such as her brilliant ‘googleberry cake’. I am usually sent out to find the ingredients for her while she does the stirring. We recently made mini acorn cup cup cakes for the fairies! It is so nice to just have a moment to stop, sit, and play with Emma without any interruptions or distractions. We chat and bond over mud cake making! I also love how Emma is learning to manage risks. She learns and respects the rules around the fire circle and has even sat and practiced whittling on a carrot, used a hand drill to make a hole for a mast on her bark boat, and loves to crush acorns with the mallet to add to her cakes. Some friends have asked me how I keep her away from all the brambles and nettles, but even from such a young age she learned to identify them and keep herself away from the ‘spikey plants’ and they’ve never been a problem. Just the other day she successfully negotiated her way around the brambles to get to a berry and picked it without a scratch! Every week she has practiced balancing on the ‘balancing tree’, just recently she took 4 big steps all on her own! When we first started she couldn’t even stand on it unaided! The look of joy on her face when she stepped and shouted, ‘look Julie, I’m balancing!’ was priceless! From starting off holding on tightly to me at all times, now she let’s go of me voluntarily and isn’t afraid to fall, she’s learned to judge and trust the falling distance and she just gets back up and tries again. And she’s always rewarded with a tasty s’more at the end of it all! I could easily talk forever about the enjoyment and benefits we have both gained from forest school! Over the year, Emma has learned such a lot about the changing seasons by being there, seeing and feeling the changes for herself. The experiences are on going and I plan to continue to take Emma along to sessions for many years to come. We love going home smelling of camp fire and covered in mud.

“It is good because you get to do fun stuff like climbing trees, making bow and arrows, make new friends, learn how to do stuff by yourself, get muddy, go on adventures and make dens. I enjoy it because it teaches you about nature, you get to make stuff out of leaves and trees and swings out of really thick bark”. Ethan age 7

“I like the hammock because its relaxing and I  like that you can learn lots of things but don’t have to write it down like in school. I like that you can just do what you want so if you don’t want to join in its ok. The best thing is being old enough to use real knives to whittle sticks”. Callum age 8

Cameron and his friends had a wonderful time at his party. I think if we had left them they would have played for 3 more hours!!! Thankyou so much staff who were brilliant.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for William’s birthday party today. It was fantastic. He had a wonderful time and wants to come back next year.


A wonderfully magical place… Switch off your TV and get your little people outside!

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